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Vision and Mission


We are to bring a COMPREHENSIVE SOLUTION to speed up the growth of the Resort/real-estate market and modern models of tourism.. Meanwhile, we aim to be the TRUSTED LINK among real estate owners and the valuable assistant to the Investor in developing customer care strategy.


Based on the strength and experiences throughout the founders' 10 years of being the pioneers in developing premium customer services with customers worldwide, VPass has the vision to be a TRUSTED GLOBAL COMPANY. We project to have high-quality services and create a network of trustworthy suppliers and partners by 2025.



VPASS is the first and currently only vacation exchange service platform in Vietnam. We are consulted by leading experts in tourism, customer service, technology, and strategy to construct and develop membership programs.

VPass creates the technology platform where users can book and exchange resort services and high-class lifestyle facilities like vacation assets, air tickets, golf membership, cruise experiences, etc... Moreover, VPass also offers experience programs, exclusive privileges from our trustworthy partners globally.


Provide the most extraordinary vacation experience to our customers.


Apply the latest specialized technology to the luxury service experiences.

Experience with Vpass

Vpass brought to you the exclusive premium resort and service experiences from our domestics and global partners. Base on our latest technology and utilization of the membership system, we help customers to get the best resort experiences worldwide.